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One-to-One English Lessons

My lessons are customised

to suit your needs.

*I like to conduct my classes in a friendly and relaxed manner, at a pace which suits each individual's needs.

*My guiding principle, in order to maximize your progression, is to keep the lessons student rather than teacher-centered. My lessons are personal yet professional and every lesson will help you get closer to your English language goals.

*My one-to-one English lessons are tailor-made entirely for you, depending on your level, requirements, interests and learning style. You will not waste time learning things that are not suitable, or don't interest you, which you would in a normal group learning environment.

*I have a neutral British accent which makes me easy to understand. Students often complement me on my accent and the clarity of my voice, which is an important factor to consider when learning a language.

*I appreciate it takes time, patience and effort to learn another language, so I aim to make the lessons as interesting and engaging as possible. I also provide the enthusiasm to make learning English a really fun and enjoyable experience.

*Being a Dutch student myself, I appreciate learning a language from the perspective of a student, helping me guide you through any difficulties you may face in the fastest, most effective way possible.

*I understand that for some, learning a language is not only a linguistic experience, but also a cultural experience, and being English, I am able to share my knowledge of my beautiful country with you!

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