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Conversational English Lessons

What style of learning suits you?

We can follow a course book to focus on grammar and build your vocabulary, or we can use real-life materials such as news articles, videos, pictures or music, to discuss any topic that interests you. Either way it is essential that you practice speaking regularly with a native to perfect your English skills, as it is the pronunciation, cultural references and expressions that are most difficult to master in the English language.

My students improve quickly because my lessons are created to their needs, focusing on their weakest areas and reducing emphasis on the areas where they are strong. They experience the benefits of my personalised feedback as they learn to speak English, and gain greater confidence and fluency by practising with my support and attention.

My lessons can help you with your professional life, English exams, conversation practice or for everyday use. They can also be designed to include any number of the following English language skills. During the first lesson I will assess your level of English and we can discuss your goals and what you would like to focus on during your lessons. Contact me here at to start today!

*General English Lessons

Lessons are designed to improve all your English language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation, giving you the tools to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

*Conversational English Lessons

Lessons will focus solely on your speaking skills, helping you improve your English fluency. This language focus will give you increased confidence to converse in English with your friends and business colleagues.

*Pronunciation and Accent reduction

Lessons will target your pronunciation, vowel and consonant sounds, connected speech, intonation and stress. All aspects of pronunciation that students find challenging.

*Reading skills

Lessons will strengthen your reading ability, using a variety of different English language materials, newspapers, books, magazines and reports, to improve your vocabulary and grammar.

*Listening skills

Lessons will improve your listening skills, using a range of music, video, podcasts and radio shows, to expose you to a range of different English accents, giving you a wider understanding of English speakers.

*Writing skills

Lessons will focus on your writing skills, paying attention to the different styles of writing and when each is required for different purposes.

*Business English Lessons Conversational English Lessons

Lessons will cover general business vocabulary which will improve your use of English in the workplace. In addition, you can learn how to communicate effectively by phone, email and in meetings. My students often require assistance with the pronunciation of words relevant to their work or business environment.

*English for Specific Business Purposes

I can provide English lessons tailored to different industries. Eg the fashion industry, medical industry etc. Lessons would cover essential work-based vocabulary, in all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Learning to communicate effectively with clients, practising giving presentations and carrying out any necessary daily business requirements relevant to that specific industry.

*Exam preparation for IELTS

I can provide comprehensive lessons to prepare you for the IELTS exam. Lessons concentrate on study skills, which give students the tools to successfully complete the reading, writing, oral and listening sections of the exam, working through IELTS test exercises to achieve the best possible exam results.

*Editing/ Correcting/ Proofreading

I can proofread your professional documents, or company website, and edit it to correct the spelling, punctuation and grammar of the writing. 

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